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Writing Guide

The success of trivia games such as Quiz Me Games depends not only on subject diversity and question relevance, but also on word clarity and writing quality (grammar, syntax, spelling). The quality of the information and its rendering must be at the center of the writer's concerns.

Here are the highlights of the writing process:


  • Writer must create a minimum of 50 questions for a new game.
  • The basic structure of a question consists of three distinct elements, each one having a specific character limit (including spaces):
    • The Question - Limit of 125 characters
    • Four Answers choices, including the "real" answer – Limit of 50 characters
    • The Bonus information – Limit of 150 characters
  • The "Bonus information" is a short explanation, a brief comment or fun factoid allowing players to better understand and contextualize the information. This information must be presented in the form of a complete sentence and not only made up of 2 or 3 words without too much connection between them...
  • Writing can be submitted in English or French
  • Writer must use our Excel or Numbers templates to write and submit questions.


  • It’s important to fashion questions that are significant and compelling. Relevance and interest are determining factors in information retention, one of the main goals for our games.
  • Questions can be written in either affirmative form (ex: This skyscraper is the tallest in the world) or interrogative form (ex: What is the highest skyscraper in the world?).
  • When creating a quiz, writer should try as much as possible to write questions for each level of difficulty: easier questions (standard level), average questions (advanced level) and more difficult questions (extreme level).


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