QMG Central FAQ


Here is a list of frequently asked questions. Do not hesitate to contact us on our website if you have a different question.


  • Why sign up for Quiz Me Games?
  • As a member, you can access all the questions and quizzes, view your personal statistics and become a quiz writer.
  • How do I sign up for Quiz Me Games?
  • Simply fill out the form on the Sign Up page.
  • How much does it cost to sign up to Quiz Me Games?
  • Quiz Me Games is free!
  • Why ask for an email address when signing up?
  • To ensure that one person does not use dozens of different usernames each time he/she plays. Since a username is unique, we don't want to have hundreds of usernames that would no longer be used (because they were used only once). Signing up with a valid email address eliminates this problem. Please note that we do not share the e-mail address with third parties: it is only used to identify a player in order to record their games and statistics.


  • I signed up for Quiz Me Games. How do I play?
  • Select a quiz and click on the "Play" button. If you are already logged in, the game will start automatically. If you are not logged in, a window will open and ask you for your credentials (email address and password). Once you are logged in, you can start the game.
  • Where are my stats?
  • Your stats are displayed on your personal page which can be accessed from the navigation bar (hamburger menu) by clicking on the " My page" link. Note that you must be logged in to access your personal page.
  • Can I see my stats for a particular quiz?
  • Yes, go to the opening page of the quiz and click on "Statistics". Note that you need to be logged in to see these statistics.
  • What is iQ, rating and performance in statistics?
  • Go to the Game Rules page in the "Glossary of terms" section to find the explanation of these various stats.
  • I had five correct answers in my game but did not get the bonus for a perfect game. Why?
  • As stated in the Game Rules, you must get 5 correct answers in 7 seconds or less to have a perfect game.
  • My hit percentage and my earnings are high, but my iQ is still low. Why?
  • To have a high iQ, you need to maintain a high hit percentage, but also play often and answer as many different questions as possible by playing multiple quizzes. If you answer the same questions over and over again in the same quiz, your iQ will cap out.
  • What is the "guest" mode?
  • This mode allows you to play a full game without signing up to Quiz Me Games. The game is not recorded, however, since the player is not logged in. Furthermore, this mode gives access to only a few questions and not to the entire quiz. The advantage for a user to play in "guest" mode is that it gives him/her a preview of the quiz content.


  • I signed up for Quiz Me Games. How do I create a quiz?
  • You must first submit a quiz topic. Once the topic is accepted, you must write a minimum of 50 questions. Visit the Create your quiz page for more information.
  • How long do we have to write & submit questions?
  • There is no time limit.